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Emergency Notification Systems

Ohio State University provides students, faculty, staff, and parents the opportunity to receive different types of alerts regarding crimes and emergencies on campus. There are two different alert systems that serve very different purposes.
Crime Alerts are distributed by our Department of Public Safety via email to keep students informed about possible crimes or crime trends happening on or near campus.  A Crime Alert is not issues for every single crime that may occur.  Instead, they are used as both an educational tool regarding crime trends and as a method by which police may gather additional data as descriptions of suspects are included. 
The Buckeye Alert System is distributed by Ohio State Public Safety and is used to notify the campus community of an immediate emergency. Buckeye Alert utilizes text messages, phone calls, or emails to provide notifications.  Students and familes are strongly encouraged to sign-up for the Buckeye Alert System as this is the primary method utilized to distribute information in the cases of a campus emergency.