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Sibs and Kids F.A.Q.s

Q: How do students register their guest sib (sister/brother/niece/nephew/cousin/child/friend) for Sibs Weekend?
A: The registration form will be made available in late January 2020. The guest sibs who attend will be able to check-in on-site at our Sibs and Kids Weekend Headquarters in the Great Hall lobby of the Ohio Union.
Q: How much does it cost for the guest sib to attend Sibs and Kids Weekend?
A: There is a $10 fee to attend Sibs and Kid Weekend. The guest sibs should also bring money for any miscellaneous expenses they may incur during the weekend (i.e. food, mementos, entertainment...)
Q: Where will the student's guest sibs stay/sleep?
A: Guest sibs will stay with their host student for the weekend. The host student should be able to tell their guest sib what type of necessities he/she will need to bring for the weekend (i.e. sleeping bag, pillow, clothing...).  If the guest sib is of the opposite sex (brother staying with his sister), many students will make arrangements with a same sex friend in the residence hall so that the sib can stay there.  Some families do choose to stay in a hotel off-campus for Sibs and Kids Weekend. 
More information about hotels close to campus may be found here
Q: When should the student's guest sib arrive on/leave campus?
A: The time of the guest sibs arrival on and departure from the campus will be left to the discretion of the host student and the guest sibs' parents/guardians. Official programming for Sibs and Kids Weekend will begin on Friday evening and end in the early afternoon on Sunday. Please be sure to confirm the drop-off/pick-up times and locations with your student.  Sibs do not need to be present for students to check-in at the Ohio Union. 
Q: What kinds of activities/events are scheduled for Sibs and Kids Weekend and for what age group?
A: There are a variety of activities/events planned for Sibs and Kids Weekend suitable for all ages; including face painting and crafts (for the younger sibs), evening events such as comedians, athletic events, activities around campus (for the older sibs) and numerous Residence Hall activities, movies and games (all ages).