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Sibs and Kids Waivers

Thanks for registering for Sibs and Kids Weekend.  We are very excited to have you and your "sib" attending our events and activities. 

Though all of our events are open to Sibs and Kids registrants, ALL particpants require a waiver to particpate in events and activities.  This includes use of Ohio State recreational faciliites.  If a "sib" is under the age of 18, this waiver must be completed by a parent or guardian.  "Sibs" who are 18 years of age or older can complete their own waiver form.  This waiver will be presented at check-in for weekend participants.  You can download the waiver by cliicking here. 

There are also events that require a waiver but are not necessarily part of the first come, first served schedule.  This includes the ability to buy tickets for something like Sky Zone.  Information on these event waivers is below.  

  • Sky Zone - Though not part of the schedule, students can, through the d-tix program, purchase tickets to Skyzone, a trampouline park in the Columbus area.  If your sib is under 18, there is a waiver that is needed.  This waiver can be completed by a parent or guardian online here.  Please note that you generally need to advance book trips to Sky Zone and this is NOT part of the schedule for the weekend.  

If you have any questions, please contact our Parent and Family Relations Office