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Being the first member in a family to attend college is a great sense of pride and honor for any student. These "first generation" college students are the onus of the American Dream of higher education.  At Ohio State we believe college can be a reality for everyone, no matter your income or background. It's a matter of finding good information, the right people to help and planning wisely. Ohio State offers many resources for first generation college students and their families.  
Access to Education -
Information for Ohio State students regarding First Generation and Economic Access Resources
We strive to make the transition for high school students to college a smooth and informed experience by providing opportunities for our members to make their futures successful.
First in the Family Website -
What does it take to get going and keep going, once in college? If you are the first in the family, it can take grit and support. In these six audio slideshows, first-generation college students talk about the money, cultural, family, and academic hurdles they face on the path to a four-year degree—and how colleges can help