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Nov. 2022 Department Debrief: Student Advocacy Center

November 9, 2022

Student Advocacy Center

To contact the Student Advocacy Center: Call (614) 292-1111 or email

Like any other college university in the nation, navigating the various existing offices can sometimes be a stressful and confusing experience. Department Debrief is a new monthly article from the Parent and Family Relations office dedicated to helping family members and supporters better understand the services, opportunities, and support offered by particular offices for students.

This month, our office met with staff from the Student Advocacy Center, an office that assists in navigating your student through difficult times while at Ohio State. Below, you'll find a series of questions and answers to help you have a better understanding of how the Student Advocacy Center assists students.


1. If you were eating a Thanksgiving meal with Charlie Brown and he asked you to describe your office in 30 seconds, what would you say?

The Student Advocacy Center is designated to assisting students with any problems they may experience at the university. Kimberly Pachell, the director of Student Advocacy, stated they help students with personal issues that may be impacting their ability to attend classes or persist academically. With a commitment to assisting students at The Ohio State University, Student Advocacy connects individuals to resources, helps discuss a student’s appropriate next actions, and assists in composing logical decisions while discovering realistic routes to solving a problem. With more than 60,000 enrolled students, The Ohio State University is one of the largest universities in the nation. Identifying the resources available or simply adapting to such a large environment comes with its difficulties. When faced with those difficulties, Student Advocacy is there as a “one-stop shop and a gentle push in the right direction for students,” as stated by assistant director, Jennifer Irwin. If your student is struggling to locate a solution to their problem, Student Advocacy is the office that helps them find that correct solution. Through the provision of academic, financial, health, personal, and consultation services, the Student Advocacy Center is dedicated to assisting individuals in finding the available resources offered here at The Ohio State University to successfully succeed.

2. What is one word of advice you would offer to families and students for success at The Ohio State University?

Trust, communication, and understanding are all qualities that ensure success. As stated by both Kimberly and Jennifer, trusting in the processes, reaching out in a timely fashion, and communicating your needs in a confident but polite manner to faculty and staff are all essential traits that will enhance an individual’s experience at The Ohio State University. Navigating campus can be stressful and confusing. Acknowledging and trusting there are available resources for students to utilize is an important quality necessary for success. The Student Advocacy Center is dedicated to helping your student find those resources that will aid in their accomplishment while attending OSU.

3. What is one service you offer students that you wish they took advantage of more?

The Student Advocacy Center is meant to be a gentle push in the right direction for students and for staff and faculty assisting students. As stated by Jennifer Irwin, Student Advocacy helps lead someone to the available services that can properly aid that individual with handling the particular issue they are facing. Student Advocacy often faces misconceptions regarding its offered services. Student Advocacy is a center that provides a service most students need: guidance. With a gentle push in the right direction, a guiding hand to supportive resources, and a shoulder to lean on when navigating the campus gets a bit too stressful, Student Advocacy is the office to go to.


Brooke Tacsar
Student Assistant
Parent and Family Relations