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Buckeye Family Connection

A New Way to Stay Informed

Parent and Family Relations, in partnership with CampusESP, is excited to share information about Buckeye Family Connection, a new communication tool that will allow you to personalize the content that you receive to keep you connected to events and opportunities that you and your student find interesting.

Buckeye Family Connection launched in January 2024 and replaced our previous e-newsletters, including the Buckeye Family monthly newsletter, onCampus Weekly for Families and Buck-I-Briefs. Families currently receiving our Chinese Buckeye Family e-newsletters will continue to receive them in their current form.

Families are invited to create an account on the Buckeye Family Connection to begin receiving communications from our office.

During the registration process, you will take a short onboarding survey. Your responses to the survey will automatically add you to a set of communities, which will personalize your experience. If you choose not to create an account on the platform, you will still receive information from our office, but you will receive the default information.

Though this new platform will take the place of our current e-newsletters, you will still receive regular communications from our office via a regular email with featured articles from the Buckeye Family Connection. These automated emails will be delivered to your inbox at regular time intervals that you choose (e.g. weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). You can also log into the platform at any time to see articles as soon as they are published.

If information needs to be shared with all families as soon as possible, our office will utilize the Announcements feature to deliver information to your inbox outside of regular communications. Announcements will replace our existing Buck-I-Brief newsletter.

If you have any questions about Buckeye Family Connection, please contact our office via email at or via phone at (614) 292-9153. We look forward to enhancing our connection with you in the near future!