Office of Student Life

Helping Your Buckeye Make Healthy Decisions on Campus: A Parent and Family Discussion Guide

As your student begins their academic journey at The Ohio State University, there will be many instances where they will balance new freedoms and decision making in their new independence. However, your college student still needs and values your guidance and advice. The American College Health Survey revealed that parents were one of the top sources that students turned to for important information.

We know that the first six weeks are especially critical for our college students as it relates to wellness.  For example, new students are most likely to begin or increase their alcohol use during the first six weeks. We hope that with your help, every new Buckeye is set up for success.  

The following are topics that have been indicated by other familes of Ohio State students as being important as your Buckeye begins college. It is our hope that you will find important resources and knowledge in these pages that will support both you and your new Buckeye.

Making Healthy Choices

Evolving Relationships

Starting a Conversation

Mental Health and Well-being

Ten Dimensions of Wellness